Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've been tagged Again!

Sandra is at it again LOL...I've been tagged...It's the 5 things tag.
5 things... Tag

1. What was I doing 10 years ago- I owned my own salon and had a line of makeup going and a spa product line called Ashlyn Rose.

2. 5 things on the to do list for today-Work on my Wymzee Art Site, finish my items for A Time for Primitives, Water my crispy yard (heat wave here), Call my daughter, feed all 12 of my cats 10 are feral.

3.Snacks I enjoy-Oh wow that's easy...LOL M and M p'nuts and jelly beans!

4.Things I would do if I was a Billionaire-Take everyone I know to Walt Disney World and help a under priviledged family.

5. Places I have lived-Visalia, California, Monterey, California... Rancho Cordova, Caifornia and here... El Dorado Hills, CA ...that's it !

Tag you are it...
I tag: Robyn of The Motherlode Toad Factory & Julie of My Raggedy Dolls
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