Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marti Gras the Traveling Art Doll

Receiving this great mask I had to come up with something to go with it. With no pattern used but looking at a Patti Medaris Culea picture of a doll I fell in love with the beaded feet and hands. This just seemed to go with "Marti" Gras. I made it out of lightly coffee stained muslin and left the face round and flat so that Waxela "Spirit Mama" or whoever gets it and wants to put a clay face on her can.
She's been to the Mardi Gras in California LOL okay so use your imagination a bit. We really do party out here you know. I'm sending the real life Mardi Gras (from New Orleans) beads on to Patti LaValley because afterall, this is her doll we are working on. She made the mask, Pat from Odd Dolls added the paint etc and now I made the body.
Hope she has a safe trip to "Spirit Mama's" next week.
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In memory of Sheryl
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