Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thinking of a garden

I guess its the weather here... rain and more rain that makes me long to get my fingers in the soil and plant some seeds. By the time it stops I'll have to plant those little starter plants you can buy at the nursery and forget the seeds.
I have been out looking for goodies to purchase to put in a garden this year. I think hubby is going to make some raised planters then buy a fence to go around them so the deer and critters stay out. I don't want it to look like just any garden I want to decorate it. I found this great gourd from this gal (Blue Rock Gourds) on ArtFire .

Wouldn't this one look good standing in the middle of a garden? I have a wine barrel I could turn upside down and stand these on. These are all from Blue Rock Gourds so click here to check it out better.

I have been looking at her goodies for years! She has great apple gourds too that would look so cool in a basket on a table. But I think I may buy the bird house above I really like it. I'd like to find more gourd people who make bird houses. I'm also working on a little Americana Art Doll and the traveling art dolls well more about my garden dreams later...
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In memory of Sheryl
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