Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Like Cats

Everyone knows how much I like cats...I even collect feral cats. Here is a picture of one of my babies named fuzzy. Alot of my relatives like them as much as I do so I went on a search to find special Christmas gifts this year and look what I came up with.
I purchased them from CharlotteStyle's Shop on Etsy Who makes Sparkle-Cheeked,Original Handcrafted Dolls. Aren't they darling little tree trimmers?
Back to decorating for Halloween. I made this little witch recently who definitely took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up a shelf decoration. I designed the pattern in the early 2000's (named Bottom's Up) then used it as inspiration recently to make this smaller one who is available on Etsy. I really like the bright colors and fabrics that you can find in the stores... as you can clearly see. I also really love to browse Charlotte Styles Etsy Shop. Try it you'll love it. This item is sold.
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In memory of Sheryl
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