Monday, June 29, 2015

Primitive Halloween Witch Art Doll

Meet Samantha a 12 inch tall to the top of her pointy hat and handmade from coffee stained and painted muslin. Sam has a coffee stained muslin face hand drawn with artists pencils and sealed to protect it from fading and dust. She has an orange cloth body with matching arms and her hands are coffee stained muslin. Her legs are a striped cotton fabric in shades of orange and red. er hair is a red fiber yarn that I made then cut into the best style to accent her face. Sam wears a witchy hat in red tied with variegated yarns of Lime green, blue, white and pink. Her Dress was hand stitched from designer fabric that has spiders and spider webs on it and a lot of hand stitching . Sam is $55.00 and available on Etsy
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In memory of Sheryl

In memory of Sheryl
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